Ham Radio Circa 1975

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  1. Jon Stow says:

    Reblogged this on Amateur Radio News from Jon Stow, G4MCU and commented:
    I have an FT200, probably around the same vintage as the FT101B here. I bought it secondhand around 1978. I will try firing it up one day. Even if you did not homebrew much, you needed to know what you were doing. No “all-band” 160m to 23cms rigs then.

  2. When there is the expo electronics ham radio, you can find many capacitors for a nice tube

  3. TCHall says:

    NICE rig there. Got to use a similar station back when it was new. Your amp is only illegal to sell for or use on CB, hams are held responsible for using legal frequencies, emissions, and power levels no matter what equipment they’re using…

  4. Jerry says:

    I have the radio above if you want to play with it sometime.

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