Dear @ARRL, HR1301 is Hogwash

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  1. Gary Stone says:

    I am an avid ham but have really wondered about this so-called parity act. If you willingly entered into an HOA and agreed to its terms what right does the Gov have to change that? If we agree at this juncture because it suits ham radio what will be the next?

    • Marty Allred says:

      At my last home, there were very strict rules against pretty much any kind of outdoor antenna. I didn’t think anything of it, because I wasn’t a ham and didn’t have any plans for becoming one. However, when I ended up getting licensed, I suddenly realized that I was extremely limited in what I could do.

      Like many things in life, it’s really a matter of where we draw the line. I think most people would agree that there are at least *some* things that HOA’s shouldn’t be able to prohibit. Some of those things may include American flags, small satellite dishes, TV antennas, decorative seasonal flags, etc. Should they also be required to allow “reasonable” (whatever that means) ham radio antennas? What about a few chickens (there’s a big movement to get the same kind of rights for suburban chickens as for ham radio antennas), or leaving a car in your driveway?

      The point is that we already have things that once fell into the “what’s next?” category. Now it’s just a question of if ham radio antennas should be included in the protected class.

  2. Gonzo says:

    The way I understood it (and I’m not a lawyer) is that yes, you ask for permission but they have to make “reasonable” accommodations. This is progress as many HOAs would not even consider the possibility of an outdoor antenna. Now, how the “reasonable accommodation” is interpreted is a different thing. Whether you’ll be able to put up a 200′ tower or a wire from a tree is not as clear.

  3. David says:

    The nature of oppressive Government (an HOA is Governing you after all) is to CONTROL. So just asking the Government for something is tantamount to being denied – unless they can extract something from you. It is the repeated giving away of my rights without my consent why I do not support the ARRL.

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