Installing a Yaesu FT-857D in a 2016 Jeep JK Unlimited (Electrical Installation)

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  1. Lloyd Mitchell KO4L says:

    Great Series on the install. One question, did you place a fuse right at the battery, in case the feed power line gets shorted to ground?

    • Yes, I placed a fuse on each pole for just such a problem. Filtering is going to be a challenge as Jeeps are noisy vehicles. I’m working on the bonding now and will have an article on that topic too.

  2. Have you considered using heat shrink, liquid tape, or any other material so seal your terminal connectors? I recently discovered terminal connectors that are crimp on, but contain low-heat solder, and adhesive shrink wrap. When you apply heat, the solder fills the crimped joint, the heat shrink conforms to the wire & connector, and the adhesive melts/flows to make it all water tight.

    My setup: Genesis offroad dual battery system and a blue sea systems DC panel. I wire all of my gear to the panel, which is then wired to the battery (just 6 inches away). This lets me eliminate bulky fuses from factory wiring harnesses. No issues with RFI, etc., by going to the panel instead of the battery.

    • I have not used heat shrink wrap yet. I plan to once I finish the full shake-down. I’ve discovered a few minor issues with my installation and I don’t want to memorialize them.

      My wife and I plan to purchase a Kayak Rack this spring, which will force me to reconfigure the screwdriver antenna. I expect to use the rack as a new home.

      I also may increase the whip size to improve performance on the higher bands. The MFJ 758-2742 is a 12-foot whip that will give me coverage from 1.85 MHz to 18 MHz. Given band conditions for the next few years, this may be a good option.

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