Installing a Little Tarheel II on a 2016 Jeep JK Unlimited

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  1. How is this off road? I am considering a Little Tarheel II for my JK and am debating between a lip mount such as this, or welding a mount to my steel quarter armor.

    • If I did it again, I would weld the mount to a quarter panel. The LTII is heavy for the Comet Mount. I tighten the screws on each axis after lots of rocking and rolling in the back country.

      • Thanks! I saw a few reports of this antenna failing (e.g. the aluminum mast itself) due to offroad use, and I’m a bit concerned. Something about the moment of inertia being very high from the base, causing torque and metal fatigue. I’m considering the LTMT1 mount and then bolting it to trail armor…which I don’t even have yet BTW. The bracket contacts the mast much higher than the UHF (?) connector, so hopefully it can mitigate the torque. I am not sure what mount they used, and I cannot find the post right now.

        • I purchased a Smittybilt SRC Roof Rack and need to move the antenna. Once I get the roof rack installed, I plan to use an LTMT1 to mount the antenna to the rack. Since the roof rack connects directly to the Jeep itself, I may not need to bond it further (but I am holding final decisions).

          I also think I want to change the whip to something longer. I may go with the MFJ 758-2742, which is a 12-foot whip.

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