Upgrading Coax to the Mobile HF Antenna

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2 Responses

  1. Nice upgrade. Did you consider LMR-240 or LRM-240 UltraFlex?

    I recently installed a Larson NMO 2/70 on my JK’s front driver side fender. Loss is very important to me, and like you, I did not want to use RG-58 cabling. I considered RG-8X, but discovered that LMR-240 is the same outer diameter but has half of the loss. I spent a few days looking for an LMR-240 NMO cable assembly, and even talked to a few manufacturers. No one had it, so I made my own by crimping & soldering LMR-240 UltraFlex to a Laird MBOX NMO mount. The Laird MBOX is made for RG-8X, but worked with LMR-240 since the cable dimensions are the same.

    It was a lot of work, but worth it in the end. I think I saved about .2 – .4 decibels over my 11 foot assembly, depending on frequency. Anyway, I am just curious why you did not go with LMR-240 since you are operating QRP.

    • The LMR-240 coax is a great improvement over the RG-58 that came with the Larsen NMO mount. I totally agree with you. My run is about 9 feet, a little less than your 11 foot assembly. Is the savings calculated or from a meter? As I prepare to move the screwdriver antenna to the new Kayak Rack, the run will be longer. I think it is worth considering. Great suggestion.

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